Madalina Rosca

Madalina Rosca

Madalina is a documentary maker, collective artist, film scholar and media activist. It was at the age of 18 that she started her career as a host for the National Television of Romania, just to quickly move from being an anchor to becoming a director, camera operator and producer. Her documentary work carried her around the world, from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, to the last Holocaust survivor still living in Odessa, and down to the unfathomable uranium mines of western Romania.

She has ten years of experience in cultural management, as director of the socio-cultural space Make a Point on the outskirts of Bucharest and as the former director of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival “One World Romania”.

She studied film in Bucharest, London and Berlin, and holds a PhD from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, for her work “Seeing with Feeling” on documenting revolutions around the world. She claims to have a sense for where the next popular uprising will happen.

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